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  • What are the rules of lacrosse?
    USA Lacrosse Rules Girls USA Lacrosse Rules Boys
  • What equipment is needed for lacrosse?
    USA Lacrosse Equipment Guide
  • I'm new to lacrosse, what exactly should I buy?"
    LACROSSE FANATIC is our equipment supplier. You may contact them directly to have new equipment shipped directly to you (916-363-8700). GOGGLES - girls only LACROSSE STICK - specific to the boys' game and the girls' game ​ LACROSSE SHOES - athletic shoes, cleats or turf shoes ​ MOUTH GUARD HELMET - boys only CHEST PAD - boys only GLOVES - boys only ELBOW PADS - boys only ​ ​
  • Where can I buy lacrosse equipment?
    Lacrosse equipment can be bought at most sporting good stores. Lacrosse specific stores are the best option. Lacrosse Fanatic Sport Stop Big 5
  • Can my child play for a club outside of our designated zip code?
    Yes, if you would like your child to play for a club outside of your designated zip code you must submit this Play Out of Area Disclosure Form through the NCJLA. Extreme Vipers NCJLA Designated area includes: All zip codes exclusively served by San Jose Unifed School District and East Side Union High School District. Zip codes in school districts in the towns of Campbell, Cambrian, Santa Clara, Milpitas and Almaden.
  • What is the concussion protocol?
    All concussions and serious injuries must be reported to the NCJLA. If your child has a consussion, please notify your coach immediately and submit this Concussion and Serious Injury Report.
  • Is financial aid available?
    Yes, Extreme Vipers Lacrosse and the NCJLA offer financial aid. For Extreme Lacrosse, contact for the financial aid application. For the NCJLA, you can submit this Player Scholarship Form to request financial aid.
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