2022 SPRING Extreme/Vipers Registration is Now Open


Before You Register

  1. A US Lacrosse Membership Number valid through May 2022 is required to register.  If you already have a US Lacrosse membership number, you can look it up and renew it here. If you are new to lacrosse, you can register for a new US Lacrosse Membership Number here. Make a note of the number and expiration date.

  2. Beginning in 2019, the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association (NCJLA) is requiring all new families to register for the NCJLA team within their designated zip code. The Extreme Vipers Lacrosse boundaries include all zip codes in Milpitas, Santa Clara, and all zip codes in the San Jose Unified School District and the East Side Union High School District. We share zip codes in Campbell, Cambrian and Almaden with the West Valley Redhawks, so you may choose which club to attend without a waiver or approval.  The only exception to the NCJLA zip code rule is for high school aged girls and boys.  Any high school aged girl or boy who lives in the South Bay area and wishes to play for Extreme Vipers may register.

  3. You may register with Extreme Vipers if you played for Extreme Vipers at anytime and in any capacity in the year 2021. You do not need to submit a petition, waiver or approval to continue playing with Extreme Vipers, regardless of your zip code.

Zip Codes

You may petition to play for Extreme Vipers Lacrosse if you live out of the designated area.  If you wish to petition to play out of your designated NCJLA zip code, please follow the petitioning process here.

Age Brackets

  • U8 - Born between 1 September 2012 and August 31 2013

  • U10 - Born between September 1 2010 and August 31 2011

  • U12 - Born between September 1 2008 and August 31 2009

  • U14 - Born between September 1 2006 and August 31 2007

  • High School - currently attending high school


You may petition to play down to a lower age group.  The "Request to Play Down" NCJLA petition form is linked here.  Please register at your default age level and we will adjust the age group if your petition is approved by the NCJLA.

Fall Ball Fees

U8 - $0

U10 - $300

U12 - $300

U14 - $300

HS - $300

Spring Team Fees

U8 - $0 

U10 - $400 

U12 - $500

U14 - $750

HS - $650

Player Grants

The NCJLA and Extreme Vipers Lacrosse offers grants to those who qualify. Please contact info@extremelacrosse.org for an application before December 1st.


We follow a strict no refund policy. You may purchase your own registration insurance through Regsaver.


Questions: info@extremelacrosse.org